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Our values

Our values represent what matters to us, the way we act, aspects
of our business and culture that are non-negotiable.


Quality First

We believe in keeping things simple for you even when they are complicated for us.

We believe in providing everything you need and nothing you don’t. In all our dealings we are clear, straightforward and transparent.

We aim to be the ‘best in class’ in everything we do. We believe you should have the best service we can give - delivering on time and on spec with no excuses for the lifetime of our installations and beyond.

We believe in providing the best equipment, so we only use the best quality, most reliable, UK made smart technology.


We believe in making the best use of resources in every aspect of our lives.

We believe in making the best use of technology that is available to us right now, making the best use of the world’s limited resources and making the best use of the skills of the people we work with.

Commitment (to sustainability)

We are committed to reducing carbon emissions and to enabling our customers to meet their CSR targets.

In the short term we are committed to a 75% reduction in emissions from domestic heating systems in the UK and in the longer term to playing our part in net zero.

We are committed to building successful long-term relationships with our partners and customers and we are committed to leaving a better world for the next generation (for our kids)

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t: +44 (0) 1926 675395


Oya Energy Logo

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